Due to technical difficulties we will not be able to play Hotel Transylvania until further notice. Thank you for your patience.



Maintain physical distancing at tickets and in concessions. There will be markers on the floors for guidance.


Online ticket purchasing as much as possible, can scan barcodes at concessions where physical tickets can be purchased.


Face masks/coverings are REQUIRED at all times when not eating or drinking per CDC movie theater guidelines. Customers without masks will not be allowed in the building. All staff are also required to wear face masks at all times. Please see CDC guidelines for proper face mask info. 



We ask that customers stay home if they are feeling ill or have been in contact with any sick persons.


Salt shakers will no longer be available, however we will have individual  salt packets available to use. We will also be handing out wrapped straws with each order.


We encourage credit card transactions as much as possible. Customers will be swiping their own cards.


We kindly ask that customers PLEASE use trash receptacles after your show. We are trying to limit staff exposure as much as possible.


We will have “assigned” seating! When tickets are purchased, customers will choose their seats. Our system will automatically block off seats around that party to maintain physical distancing. Our seating will be limited to stay within the CDC guidelines.


Our staff has worked hard over the last few months ensuring that anything that you can get your hands on has been scrubbed down and sanitized!


All of these efforts and more are in effect to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. This is a huge learning curve for both staff and customers, so please be understanding and patient with us!

The entire Orono staff will appreciate it!

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107 min | PG | | Info
1:20 4:25 7:50
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The Goonies
114 min | PG | | Info
1:25 4:00 7:30
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The Jungle Book
111 min | PG | | Info
1:30 4:20 7:55
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106 min | R | | Info
1:50 4:35 7:40
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens
136 min | PG-13 | | Info
1:15 4:15 7:25
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Jumanji: The Next Level
123 min | PG-13 | | Info
1:10 4:05 7:10
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